CFC100 testimonials

“It is an honour to be ranked at all and to be ranked #2 is really special. But for all the top 100 who are continuing their dreams of playing University ball we all went through the process of hard work and continued support from our coaches and parents. I say good luck to them all. I was told something from one of my UCONN coaches the other day and that is I was not given a scholarship. I earned it. Thanks!” – Trey Rutherford, recent UConn Huskies commit.

“Being ranked #7 on the CFC TOP 100 has been one of my greatest achievements and I am extremely thankful. There are so many talented football players across Canada and I am fortunate to be one of them. It seems every year Canadian Teams are beating American Teams. Canada has made great strides in catching up to the Football Juggernaut. I started out the season at #28 and I finished within the Top 10. There is one piece of advice I would like to pass on to future classes. No matter where you are ranked today, tomorrow is a chance to prove you are better!” – Zach Wilkinson, recent Northern Colorado commit

“Being ranked in the top 10 (#4 was my highest) was a huge honor, however I would be lying to you if I said as a competitive and aspiring athlete that I was satisfied with being #4. You have to have the mindset that anything but #1 is not acceptable, and when you hold yourself to that standard it only makes you more motivated because you believe yourself that you deserve #1.While rankings are something to take pride in, they do not reflect all aspects, such as your academics and character, and I believe that there is no real ranking system out there that can judge people by all those aspects. Rankings give you motivation to get to the top, and show everyone who doubted you were #1 wrong.” – Arran McRae, recent Guelph Gryphons commit

“It means a lot to be on the top 100 list. It has been nice to be recognized on list with a lot of good players and I hope that I can help represent Canadian football well when I go down to Buffalo this summer.” – Chris Merchant, recent Buffalo commit

“Being part of the CFC TOP 100 is a great honor. After all the efforts I’ve put in this game it’s an honour and it feels really good to be recognized by CFC. It’s a great source of motivation to keep pushing more and more.” – Jean-Gabriel Poulin, recent Western Mustangs commit

“Being part of the top 100 is always a great feeling. Being recognized on a national scale is good recognition for the amount of the work and time I put into the sport and most of all thank you very much!” – Hugo Richard, recent Montreal Carabins commit

“It really means a lot to me to be recognized at such a high level! It is nice to see your hard work pay off at the end of such an awesome high school career for my team!” – Christian Krause, recent Manitoba Bisons commit

“It means a lot to be ranked. It’s a privilege to be among Canada’s top football players and it shows that hard work pays off and that there are no limits on what we can achieve.” – George Saloum, recent Carleton Ravens commit

“Being ranked as a CFC top 100 player is a great honour to me; it is satisfying to know that I am viewed as one of the top players in the country and that all the years of hard work have paid off. Since I began playing football I have wanted to be recognized as the best and this list allows me to see where I rank but gives me motivation to become an event greater player to surpass the competition.” – Nick Parisotto, recent Guelph Gryphons commit

“I’m humbled and honored to be ranked in CFC’s TOP 100. Feels good to see the fruits of my hard work.” – Jonathan Kongbo, recent Wyoming commit

“It is a great honour and means a lot to me. It also really increased my exposure to Canadian schools.” – Lucky Daniels, Class 2014 recruit

“To be ranked one of the nation’s top players is simply an honour. I’ve worked strenuously to achieve greatness and I believe this is the fruit of my effort. I would not be the player I am today without the help of my coaches. I still strive to be the best and being on CFC’s Top 100 shows that I’m doing something right.” – Chris Amoah, recent Laval Rouge et Or commit

“It is definitely a great honour to be a part of the CFC Top 100 for me. I think that Canada is a place where there is a lot of talent and especially in this class of 2014 which I think is really talented. I am excited to have the honour to be a part of this outstanding class of player and to be a part of the top 100.” – Julien Patrice Kafo, recent Minnesota commit

“Being ranked top 100 players in Canada is an honor and really motivates me to stay on that grind, and to keep climbing the charts. Also it’s good to know where I stand announce the other athletes in Canada.” – Jamel Lyles, recent Manitoba Bisons commit

“I am honoured to be on such a ranking amongst great players all around the country. It makes me realize all the work that I have done since my big injury in 2011 (ACL).  This is a great boost of energy for the upcoming season playing for the Laval Rouge et Or.” – Marco Dubois, recent Laval Rouge et Or commit

“It feels great to be ranked in CFC top 100 just shows how much my hardworking and dedication to be better pays off.” – Shaun Robinson, recent Mount Allison commit.

“It’s an honour to be ranked in the cfc top 100. It means a lot knowing all the hard work is slowly paying off.” Malcom Lee, recent Western Mustangs commit

“I would like to say it is a privilege to be named in the CFC top 100 with some great athletes.” Cameron Geddes, Class 2014 recruit

“Obviously it is an honour to be ranked in CFC’s TOP 100. It is great to see that all this hard work is actually worth it.” – Philippe Dion, recent Western Mustangs commit

“I am really proud of what I have accomplished and to be named in the CFC top 100 is a total honour! I just want to take the time to thank everyone that has helped me get to where I am but this is only the beginning. I put all my faith to God!” – Osas Lewis Obas Jr, Class 2014 recruit.

“Being named as a Top 100 recruit in Canada means so much to me. It is a great feeling as all of my hard work and effort over the years towards my football career has been recognized. I am so grateful for the coaching that I have been fortunate enough to have along the way, and I am also thankful to have a family that supports me in everything I do. I would not be in this position without all of the support I have been given and I look forward to continuing my efforts with the Guelph Gryphons this year.” – Luke Korol, recent Guelph Gryphons commit.

“To me, being top 100 is something I can be very proud of. To me, it’s a very significant award signifying all the success that I’ve had and hard work that I’ve put in. I’m very grateful.”  – Jackson Bennett, Class 2014 recruit.

“I didn’t even know I was ranked but it’s a huge honor to be on the list of great athletes in Canada it’s very exciting to be recognized for your work throughout high school but now the next step up from this is getting ready for the CIS so the work doesn’t stop now.” – David Singer, recent Saskatchewan Huskies commit.

“Being part of the cfc top 100 means a lot for me. I am very thankful to be recognized as one of the best football player in the country. I guess my hard work has paid off at some point but I have to keep working hard to improve as a football player and to do well at the next level (CIS).”  – Etienne Moisan, Laval Rouge et Or commit.

“”First and foremost I would like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I would also like to thank my coaches at Lorne Park. This is truly an honor and through God all things are possible.” – Josh Perez, Class 2014 recruit.

“It’s great to be recognized in such a class with so much talent! I’m proud to represent my school on this list! Happy to say that now I have that huskies pride!” – Yol Piok, recent Saskatchewan Huskies recruit.

“It was a great honour; a great overall feeling like all my hard work and time I put into this sport had finally given me back some recognition.” – Braedan Chang, recent Manitoba Bisons commit.

“Hi, to be in this top 100 is very valuing for my. I would like to thank you for this article. Now I’m very happy with my decision to be a Rouge et Or player. It is a nice team, a nice program and I will have a lot of fun for the next years.” – Antony Dufour, recent Laval Rouge et Or commit.

“I am all for it” – Raishaun Provo, recent Carleton Ravens commit.

“Well being a part of the top 100, I feel is such an honour; however, I believe it also serves as a reminder that I have a long way to go – that I’m nowhere near arrival. It pushes me to work harder and overcome any physical and/or psychological obstacles along the way. The top 100 list feeds into my belief that I can have potential success in this game.” – Bryce Vieira, recent Ottawa Gee-Gees commit.

“It feels great to be a part of the CFC Top 100, as a player it feels good when your hard work and dedication is realized, it’s nice to be recognized with the best in the country.” – Nate Hobbs, recent Queen’s Golden Gaels commit.

“It’s an honour to be recognized nationally. I really appreciate the accolade, a lot of hard work does eventually payoff. Thank you CFC.” – Michael Beck, recent Simon Fraser Clan commit

“It is so amazing to be named a CFC TOP 100 player because it shows how hard work and practice pays off and gives you the opportunity to be the best person possible on and off the field. With the support of coaches and team mates, I have reached a level of success I once thought was impossible.” – Marcus Joseph, recent Guelph Gryphons commit.

“Being ranked is proof that every rep counts and hard work pays off. Without the offseason work the in season recognition would have never happened.” – Nate Rostek, recent Mount Allison commit.

“I was unaware that I had made the list in the first place so this is a nice surprise. It feels good to be recognized for all of my hard work and it is also a testament to all of the great coaching that I had received throughout my career.” – Carson Ouellette, recent Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks commit.

“Being part of CFC top 100 is really encouraging. Throughout a sport career, there’s always someone to bring you down and there will always be people to do the same. Hopefully, there are always others to encourage you to work harder and to boost your confidence. It is truly supportive and this is the kind of thing that pushes you off your limit, almost as much as proving the other kind of people wrong.” – Felix Bamrounsavath, recent Laval Rouge et Or commit.

“It’s pretty exciting , I’m happy to represent my team and all the team I was part off starting from the Châteauguay Raiders, to my high school team Grenadier of LPP and my CEGEP team Valleyfield Noir et Or. I’m also proud of the fact that I’m a Division 3 CEGEP player and still able to make it to the Top 100, showing that we are able to play good football at that level!” – Joel Houle, recent McGill Redmen commit.

“Being ranked in the top 100 has been an incredible surprise. I think more than anything it’s a reassurance that hard work pays off, and only motivates me to work harder to make it further in my football career.” – Jordan Rae, recent Alberta Golden Bears commit.


“CFC definitely got my name out there with the recruiting and teams finding out about me! So I’m proud to say I’m officially a University of Toronto Varsity Blue commit.”
Reid Robertson, Quarterback, Notre Dame Fighting Irish and recent University of Toronto Varsity Blues commit

“CFC has helped me out greatly, allowing me to post my highlight tape for every CIS school to see. This has helped me to gain great exposure throughout the football world. Schools from all across the country were contacting me, not just the local ones. Thank you CFC and keep it up!”
A’dre Fraser, Wide Receiver, Citadel Phoenix, Team Canada U19 and recent Guelph Gryphons commit

“CFC, being the largest football based site in Canada, really helps get your name out there to players and coaches from across Canada. The extra exposure really goes a long way, even if you are already being recruited.”
Brydon Ozmun, Receiver, L.P Comprehensive Miller Bears and recent University of Saskatchewan commit

“CFC has helped me with the recruiting process by throwing my name out there for starters, and just seeing what talent is going where and gives coaches, players and fans the ability to see what to expect for the next football season with their respective clubs.”
Aaron Osczevski, Offensive Lineman, Kamloops Broncos and recent University of Alberta commit

“CFC has helped me get more exposure by allowing my film being viewed by many coaches across Canada. Teams such as Team World and Team Canada have discovered me partially due to CFC and benefits of having articles and film of myself and basically creating a buzz about me. I will definitively continue to upload my film to this site.”
Adam Melanson, Defensive End, Horton Griffins, Team Canada U19, Team World and recent Lennoxville Cougar commit

“CFC gave me exposure and it helped me get my name out more. More friends and family were aware of what I’m doing in football because I posted my CFC profile on Facebook.”
Mahlique Marks, Wide Receiver, Don Bosco Eagles

“I believe CFC has opened certain doors for me that I wouldn’t have been able to do without the exposure of the articles.”
Kadeem Adams, Offensive Lineman, Citadel Phoenix, Team Canada U19 and recent Western Mustangs commit

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for recruits and players like myself. You took the time last year to feature me on the website and I really appreciated that, you also helped out my high school team this year by having us ranked and did a good job all in all with the rest of the high school rankings. You’ve really helped put Canada on the map in the football world and helped players around the country get exposed.”
Gasper Stare, Defensive Back, Holy Names



“Informative and great way for us to track Canadians.  We track all the NCAA signings of Canadians on CFC.  User friendly, simple to use and love the prospect video section.”

Granville Eastman, Defensive Coordinator, Austin Peay (FCS)

“CFCs prospect video section has changed CIS recruiting”
Jean-Philippe Asselin, Offensive Coordinator, Carleton Ravens

“CFCs prospect video section allows players from across the country to market themselves to every school”
Paul Orazietti, Recruiting Coordinator & Special Teams, UBC Thunderbirds

“CFCs prospect video section will be useful when we are identifying players for the 2012 Team World team and the Western Mustangs 2012 class”
Greg Marshall, Head Coach, Western Mustangs & Team World U20

“We visit CFC every day to see which players have posted highlights, it’s easy to access and a great tool for evaluating talent across the country!”
Chris Bertoia,Offensive Line & Recruiting coordinator, Western Mustangs

“We visit CFC every day to see which players have posted their hilites”
John Engel, Recruiter, Guelph Gryphons

“The CFC website has been very valuable to the StFX football program. Their prospects video section and up-to-date recruiting news section has served to saves us countless hours of research. We appreciate the swiftness and accuracy with how they report their information.”
Gary Waterman, Head Coach, Saint Francis Xavier X-Men

“Football Canada has benefited greatly from CFCs prospect video section when identifying players for national teams”
Rick Soweita, Football Canada, Director of Program Development (National Teams)

“McGill has always and will always recruit nationally.  CFC allows us to be more effective in our pursuit of the best student-athlete.  The information on marks (grade point average) and email addresses in the recruiting profiles really helps our national recruiting and player identification.”
Clint Uttley, Head Coach, McGill Redmen

“The Recruiting News Section and Prospect Video Section are huge for our program cause it allows us access to a variety of Players that we may normally not get a chance to see. Cause of our Location it is tough to get up to the GTA area on a regular basis, CFC allows us to gather information on these players without leaving the office..”
Joe D’Amore, Head Coach, Windsor Lancers

“The football staff at Concordia open Canada Football Chat each day and look forward to seeing the young football players interested in playing at the next level . For Concordia it is the fastest and easiest  way to see them and get our contact information quickly.”
Phil Roberts, Defensive Coordinator, Concordia Stingers

“This website is great as it allows kids to put up their film from across the nation and therefore allows me as a coach to look at it and then start recruiting a kid from somewhere i may not have had a chance to get to in recruiting..”
Jeff Stead, Head Coach, Alberta Golden Bears

“All of us here at McMaster check CFC every morning to get the latest news on football from across the country. The prospect videos and recruit news are a very useful tool in helping us stay organized with our recruiting.  The site is easy to use and does a great job profiling a large cross section of athletes from across the country.”
Jon Behie, Assistant Head Coach & Offensive Coordinator, McMaster Marauders

“We sincerely appreciate the efforts of Ameeta Vohra and CFC to tell the story of our top players. A direct result of this tremendous exposure has opened many doors for our players. Thank you Ameeta and CFC!”
Jeff Lawley, Co-Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator, Citadel Phoenix

“Canada Football Chat has done an incredible job providing exposure for our football program and our top players. Whether it’s the CFC National Top 25 rankings, player profiles, or news stories on university recruitment, we are deeply indebted to Lee and his outstanding staff for all of their hard work. National awareness of our school and football program is at an all-time high, and CFC has played an active role in making that happen. In my mind, the CFC website has become an integral part of the football community in this country.”
Len Gurr, Head Coach, St. Andrew’s College Saints

“CFC has been the best thing to happen to amateur football in Canada! The exposure the CFC gives young football players in this country is unmatched by any other media outlet! CFC cares about youth football in Canada!”
Chris Valardo, Head Coach, Team Nova Scotia under-16


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